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In a world that's always chasing the next big thing, it's easy to overlook the beauty of starting small. But let me tell you, some of the greatest success stories didn't happen overnight.

Take a peek at legends like Amazon, Starbucks, and Apple. They all started from the ground up. Amazon? Born in a humble garage. Starbucks? Just a single coffee shop. And Apple? Started cookin' up magic in a little spare room.

Starting small is like planting the seeds for a beautiful garden. You take your time, you learn as you go, and you grow at your own pace. And guess what? You do it all without betting the farm. It's about laying down those roots, gaining experience, and building up that resilience for the long haul. So, don't underestimate those small beginnings, darlin'. They're the heartbeat of every big success story.

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Starter Website Packages are designed to get you started with some of the most popular add-on's pre-tailored for specific business needs.

The most important part of business is Customer Acquisition. That's why we suggest starting with our FREE Website promotion while still available. Then, add "Cloud Listing" to get Search Visibility so people can find you. Finally, choose strategic add-ons as your business expands. This keeps costs low as your vision and customer base grows.

Online Shop
Up to 25 Products
Homepage & Contact Us
Up to 25 Products
Shopping Cart
Responsive Design
Quote Request
Four Page Website
2 Product/Service Pages
Quote Request Form
Contact Us
Responsive Design
Only Pay Run Costs
1 Page
Funnel Style Layout
Responsive Design
5 Pictures / 1 Video
Search Optimization Ready
Contact Info
Visitors Can Book Appointments
2 Product/Service Pages
Appointment Booking
Contact Us
Responsive Design
Search Visibility
Get Found In Local Search Results
Landing Page
Funnel Style
Pictures / Videos / Reviews
Cloud Listing SEO
Responsive Design

Need More Functionality?

You can extend the usefulness of your website by choosing addon's. Add-ons are completely optional and can be added individually at any time.

On-Site SEO Optimization Graphic

On-Site Seo

Internal SEO involves enhancing web pages to boost your site’s search engine rankings and increase organic traffic.

Starting at only $250

Social Media Integration Icon

Social Feed

Facebook page content automatically imports onto a webpage so that visitors always know what it happening in your business.

Starting at only $45

Quote Request Form Icon

Quote Form

streamline the process for potential customers to express interest boosting conversion rates and fostering meaningful client engagement.

Starting at only $50


Cloud Listing

Increasing visibility, via organic traffic to your site, ultimately enhancing your search engine rankings and overall digital performance.

Starting at only $120


Image Gallery

Showcase your work, products, or achievements in a stunning display of images and videos.

Starting at only $50

Newsletter Integration Icon


Enables you to send branded newsletters without the need for a paid email program like mailchimp or constant contact.

Starting at only $50

Shopping Cart Icon

Online Store

Manage Shopping operations with features such as a responsive shopping cart, secure payment processing, real-time inventory tracking, and shipping solutions.

Starting at only $129

Website Maintenance Service Icon


modify your website yourself by logging in and adding pictures and text or have us keep your websites content up-to-date on your behalf.

Starting at only $40


Upload & Download

offer downloadable documents to customers who can sign them and re-upload them automating some of your administrative workload.

Starting at only $50


Animated Content

Draw attention and keep visitors interested in your website by offering vistually stimulating animated text and graphical content.

Starting at only $30

Online Booking Calendar Icon


Allow clients to schedule appointments effortlessly. Benefit from organized calendars, automated reminders, and improved customer satisfaction.

Starting at only $75


Add A Page

Add additional Pages of content to your website to further educate your audience.

Starting at only $10


Managed Socials

We curate, strategize, and execute tailored content across various platforms, fostering meaningful connections with your audience.

Starting at only $120

On-Site SEO Optimization Graphic

Search Engine Optimization

Optimizing your web presence from content to technical elements, ensures maximum relevance y to attract your target audience effectively.

Starting at only $250

Need Something Else?

This list of Add-on features and functionalities is not an exhaustive list. There are hundreds of options that can be added to your site to increase it's usefulness to your business. If there is some feature or function that you would like on your website please get ahold of your student representative or get ahold of us through our contact page.

Website Run Costs

Although our Student Build Websites are built for free by our students, there are some small costs that go along with having a website available to visitors on the internet.

These costs includes:
  • Custom Domain Name
  • Web Hosting (Server Space Where The Files That Make Up A Website Live)
  • Security (Antivirus that helps keep everyones sites safe.)