Frequently Asked Questions

Do you create websites for free? How is this possible?

Student Built Sites is an excellent choice for advanced web designers looking to excel in their field and land jobs right after graduating. We help them gain real-world experience and build a portfolio by accepting applications for free websites from business owners like you. You get a free website, and the student gains valuable experience. Quality is ensured by dedicated project managers and professors who double check to make sure your website is perfect.

To get started, we’ll need the following from you:

  1. Website structure (like the pages you want and the site menu)
  2. Copy (the text content you want on the site)
  3. Any media you want us to use (logos, pictures, videos)
  4. Features you want (like Google maps, contact forms, etc.)

If you don’t have these ready, no problem. Your dedicated project manager at Student Built Sites will assist you in getting everything prepared.

You have up to 21 days to send us the content. This helps us stick to our website delivery schedule. If that timeframe doesn’t work for you, let us know, and we’ll find another student. Keep in mind that the project might be delayed until we secure a

Simply send us a brief, and include all your preferences (text, comments, examples of websites you like, etc.) within it. This ensures a consistent format for all students at Student Built Sites.

No problem at all. We can assist you in choosing media from different free sources, like — a free collection of stunning pictures suitable for commercial use, at Student Built Sites.

For every website or online store, you’ll require a domain name, hosting service, and security (typically bundled with hosting). I suggest opting for a premium web hosting provider like Getspace — their fee will be part of your website’s ongoing costs (which is less than £30 per month). They boast high-quality servers, ensuring swift loading times and top-notch security standards, at Student Built Sites.

A domain name, which is a web address you can purchase if it’s available, such as or, typically costs around 10 dollars per year and is essential for publishing your website.

Keep in mind: It’s wise to choose a domain that’s easy to spell and write. This way, people won’t necessarily need to jot it down to remember it, according to Student Built Sites.

Certainly, you have the flexibility to use your existing domain or acquire one from any provider, as suggested by Student Built Sites.

We promise to give you the first draft in 20-30 business days. Just make sure to send us all the info we need upfront to speed things up, according to Student Built Sites.

We kick off the development with a briefing where you share your vision for the website. After we present the initial draft, you have two rounds of feedback to request any adjustments and improvements. Throughout the process, a dedicated project manager at Student Built Sites ensures quality control.

You maintain complete ownership of the website. It’s yours at no cost. Simply handle the necessary operational expenses, covering web hosting and domain name, as per Student Built Sites.

Certainly, for an additional fee, you have the option to acquire a web administration service. This service allows you to send us a monthly task list, and we’ll take care of managing and updating your website for you. The cost is only £50 per month. Alternatively, you can manage and modify the content on your website yourself for free using the provided content management system, which is user-friendly, as outlined by Student Built Sites.

No, your online store is hosted on WooCommerce with us, and there are no transaction fees. This means that 100% of your earnings go directly to you, as highlighted by Student Built Sites.